Welcoming another women in science to our team, Mariam Beroshvili 

Continuing with our message for International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are thrilled to welcome another woman in science to our team, Mariam Beroshvili. Mariam has joined the company as a part of the regulatory team, and will intern with us for six months. 

Read Mariam’s story below: 


1. What are you currently studying 🎙️? 

Currently, I am pursuing a dual master’s degree in Translational Cosmetic & Dermatological Sciences, with a specialized focus on Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. This program builds upon my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and my passion for science and R&D.  

2. What interests you most about science🎙️? 

Since an early age, I’ve been fascinated by the biological sciences and their practical applications in healthcare systems. Additionally, science helps us to understand and shape the world around us. Whether it’s discovering new molecules, developing new drugs, or even designing sustainable technologies, scientific fields shape the future and improve the quality of life. 

3.  What is your role at IDEVAX 🎙️? 

At IDEVAX, I am an intern in regulatory and clinical affairs. This means I assist with regulatory compliance tasks and support the clinical and regulatory affairs team. Therefore, my role includes organizing regulatory documentation, preparing submissions to regulatory agencies, and ensuring that the company adheres to all relevant regulations and guidelines. 

Finally, my aim is to link innovation and patient safety, to ensure that medical advancements reach those in need and make a profound impact on lives worldwide.


Our team is growing, and we are ready to create impact in the world of drug delivery and vaccination. Learn more about our women in science here. 

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