Improving the accuracy and patient comfort of
intradermal drug delivery

Intradermal injection

In light of the COVID pandemic and the current emerging health emergency of mpox, intradermal injection (i.e. injection in the dermal layer of the skin) can offer a solution due to its dose-sparing potential. Studies using influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines have shown that only one fifth up to one tenth of the dose is needed to achieve a non-inferior immune response compared to the full dose administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Additionally, the widespread use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines has accelerated mRNA vaccine technology leading to the development of future prophylactic as well as cancer vaccines.

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Our solution

VAX-ID® forms the heart of the Idevax company. It is an award-winning patented drug delivery device suited for reliable intradermal injection with high ease of use. The device can be preconfigured with a 32G, 30G, or 27G needle with a penetration depth of 0.85, 1.00mm and 1.2mm, respectively. Device applications include therapeutic, prophylactic, and veterinary vaccines as well as lymphatic applications.

Devices are currently available for investigational use only (IUO). CE marking is expected by fall 2023.

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