Meet Malé Geerts, our new intern at IDEVAX

We are excited to welcome another intern this summer to our IDEVAX family, Malé Geerts. He has joined our R&D team and will intern with us for a few months.  

In this blog we highlight his story, focusing on why he loves science and what he will be doing at IDEVAX. 


1. What brought you to the field of sciences 🎙️?  

I always had a passion for science, leading to my choice for Science-Mathematics in secondary school. Initially, I planned to study architectural engineering, but after attending introduction classes in both biology and architectural engineering, my curiosity for science prevailed. I then chose to pursue my Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences.

2. What interests you most about science🎙️? 

My early interests in science were mostly on genetic engineering, especially innovations like CRISPR. I was also fascinated by the use of mycelia for diverse applications, such as building materials.

During my studies, my focus shifted towards immunology and oncology. This led me to complete my bachelor’s thesis on the development of Neuropilin-1 nanobodies and my upcoming master’s thesis on epigenetics in macrophages.

During my integrated practical at the health campus of my university, I became interested in how scientific concepts can lead to products or medicines that improve health. I hope that at Idevax, I can contribute to developing innovative solutions that enhance public health.

3. What is your role at IDEVAX 🎙️? 

My role focuses on exploring the applicability of VAX-ID for Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products, in which I will be able to use my immunological knowledge that I built up in the past years. Additionally, I will support a research collaboration with the University of Antwerp on multiple sclerosis.


We look forward to working with Malé this summer and bringing his passion for science to real-world projects. Learn more about our team here. 

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