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VAX-ID®: An innovative solution for accurate intradermal injection

VAX-ID® is a suited for accurate intradermal injection and drug delivery. The skin consists of three layers: the outer layer or epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis or subcutaneous fat layer.

The VAX-ID® platform is under development to allow use of different needle thicknesses (27G and 32G) and lengths for delivery of small volumes (0.05cc – 0.2cc per injection). The penetration depth of the needle has been predefined based on skin thickness evaluations executed in both adults and children.

The currently used Mantoux technique requires a high amount of training and is difficult to standardize as it uses a regular needle and syringe to be inserted at an angle of 10 to 15° bevel up. Injecting the needle too deep will lead to leakage to the subcutaneous layer (fat layer), while injecting the needle too shallow will cause leakage to the outside of the skin. It has been shown that about 70% of intradermal injections using the Mantoux technique are incorrectly administered.
(Micheels & Goodman, 2018)

VAX-ID® allows for a standardized, accurate and user-independent injection and drug delivery perpendicular to the skin. The short and thin, almost invisible needle is considered an advantage for people with needle phobia and make people feel more at ease during the injection. The device is very easy to use. Click here to read more on usability and acceptability.

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Instructions for use

  1. Attach a drawing needle (E) to a 1.0 mL syringe (D).
  2. Draw the volume to be injected from the vial +0.01 mL overfill.
  3. Remove the drawing needle from the syringe.
  4. Put the syringe into VAX-ID® adaptor via the opening on the end of the housing (A). Make sure that the syringe tip is properly fitted into the Luer fitting of the embedded injection needle.
  5. Activate VAX-ID® by removing the pin (C).
  6. Place the foot (B) on the skin at the dorsal side of the forearm, keeping the adaptor in a perpendicular position.
  7. Push the housing (A) down to meet the foot (B): the needle will penetrate the skin.
  8. Retain slight pressure with one hand on the housing (A) and use the other hand to inject the fluid by pushing the syringe plunger.
  9. Remove VAX-ID® from the skin and deactivate by pulling the foot (B) away from the housing.
  10. Dispose of VAX-ID® and the drawing needle in a sharps container.