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Who are we? Learn more about us!

Idevax is a medical device company based in Antwerp, Belgium, founded by Vanessa Vankerckhoven and Koen Beyers in December 2020.

Our company develops, produces, and commercializes innovative drug delivery medical devices used for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination as well as lymphatic applications. Idevax is an ISO13485 certified company.

Our vision: “Envisioning a world capable of meeting current and future healthcare and well-being challenges”

Our mission: “Enabling reliable skin drug delivery and patient comfort”

VAX-ID®, our flagship product line, is an award-winning, patented device suited for reliable intradermal drug delivery with a high ease of use.

Our multidisciplinary and ambitious team is ready to grow the company. Our Idevax team is backed by a strong Scientific Advisory Board.

Idevax can be found at two locations. Our office space is located at Dunden, Antwerp and our production facility is based at Bijkhoevelaan in Wijnegem.

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Team Idevax at Dunden