Insights into an internship with our R&D team 

Earlier this year, we welcomed Lukas Van den Audenaerde to IDEVAX as an intern in our R&D group. He joined as a Master student in Product Development from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and worked with us for a couple of months. His project centered around the optimization and innovation of the VAX-ID intradermal injection device. 

Alongside technical aspects in design and engineering, Lukas also gained insights into MedTech, experienced entrepreneurship and what it means to work in a start-up environment.  

Here are some of his takeaways from his time and internship at IDEVAX: 

What was the focus of your project? 

Specifically, I worked on creating a more accurate and user-friendly third-generation version. This included refining the current needle adjustment mechanism to provide better precision and integrating new features to enhance the device’s usability and compatibility with other medical syringes, which posed significant engineering challenges. 

What were some of the insights you learned about MedTech and working in a science company from your internship? 

I gained a comprehensive understanding of how vital regulatory processes are in the MedTech industry. Quality assurance plays a significant role in ensuring that medical devices meet safety and efficacy standards. Furthermore, I learned about the necessity of designing with the end user in mind, as user-centered design principles lead to better healthcare outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. 

What are the next steps – What learnings are you carrying ahead to your studies and future career? 

Moving forward, I will apply the technical skills I developed, particularly in 3D modeling and mechanical design, to my studies and future career. The experience of working on a structured project from start to finish has enhanced my project management abilities. I also plan to leverage my improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills in future challenges.  

The insights into the regulatory environment and the importance of user-centered design will be valuable as I continue to advance in my professional journey. 


We truly believe technical aspects as well as soft skills are equally important, and we are happy that Lukas was able to experience both to complete a well-rounded internship. Thank you, Lukas, for all your hard work, and we wish you all the best for your future endeavors! 

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