Welcoming another member to our team, Lukas Van den Audenaerde 

We are excited to welcome another intern to our IDEVAX family, Lukas Van den Audenaerde. Lukas has joined our R&D team as a Master student Product Development from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He will intern with us for a few months.  

In this blog we highlight Lukas’ story, focusing on why he loves science and what he will be doing at IDEVAX. 


1. What made you study Product Development 🎙️?  

From my early years, I have always been fascinated by crafting and the way things worked, as well as the mechanisms behind them. I chose Product Development because of my passion for innovation and creating tangible solutions to real-world problems. The program provides a great mix of theory and hands-on skills essential for success in product development, which matches exactly what I’m aiming for in my career. 

2. What interests you most about science🎙️? 

What interests me most about science is the process of research and its application in developing new, innovative solutions, particularly in the medical sector. I’m fascinated by the journey from theoretical exploration to practical implementation, especially when it leads to the creation of new technologies that significantly advance healthcare and improve quality of life. 

3. What is your role at IDEVAX 🎙️? 

My role at IDEVAX involves developing new generations and variants of VAX-ID for skin injection, integrating it into robotic applications while seeking solutions to make medical products more user-friendly. 


We are thrilled to welcome a new intern to our team. We are especially excited to share our experiences working in a science-based company and our knowledge on medical devices with another student. Learn more about our team here. 

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