New Year New Face!

Meet Veerle De Colvenaer!

Like we started the year in 2023, we’re kicking off 2024 in a similar fashion with the addition of a new team member!

We’re excited to share that Veerle De Colvenaer is joining us as our Growth Strategy Advisor. As a team of goal getters, we’re looking forward to onboarding Veerle to help us realizing medical and societal impact in the skin drug delivery market.

Veerle De Colvenaer new team member

Picture building by Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao


Read more about her on our team page: Let’s meet Veerle De Colvenaer

Now what’s a goal-getter?

A goal-getter, simply put, is someone who continuously sets and consistently accomplishes their specific goals. They do this despite the roadblocks they hurdle over and the opposition, both people and otherwise, that push back against them. By no means do they succeed every single time. But when they fail, they don’t give up. Rather, they readjust and continue trying again and again until they’ve conquered their goal.

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