World Rabies Day

September 28 marks World Rabies Day. On this day the Idevax team is committed to create awareness about this vaccine-preventable disease in support of the WHO target to reach ZERO by 30. This year’s theme is: “All for 1, One Health for all” 

World Rabies Day 2023

Rabies causes approximately 59,000 deaths each year and is found in over 150 countries. The disease is virtually 100% fatal once clinical symptoms appear. The majority of cases are in Africa and Asia, and around 40% of the affected individuals are children under the age of 15. In up to 99% of cases, dogs are identified as the primary cause of transmission to humans. 

Fortunately, human Rabies is 100% vaccine-preventable. 

Shortages of the rabies vaccine are frequently seen. Intradermal vaccination, using only 1/5th of the dose, provides a dose-sparing alternative to intramuscular vaccination. Also, it offers a cost-saving alternative by lowering the direct vaccine cost by 60–80%.

VAX-ID®, offers a promising solution for standardized, reliable, user-independent, and painless intradermal vaccination.  

Read more in the WHO report: Zero by 30

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