February 11 marks International Day of Women & Girls in Science 📅

In support of women & girls across the globe, Idevax interviewed one of its own women in science, Daniele Scalco Vasconcelos. 

Daniele Scalco Vasconcelos is Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Idevax. She is a biomedical scientist with international education and research experience. She has two master’s degrees, one in Dermatological Sciences and one in Clinical Research. She has experience with pre-clinical research in different fields like the development of nanoparticles, molecular biology, and chronic diabetes. She has received an award for academic excellence and has been granted two scholarships to study abroad.

1.Why did you choose Biomedical Sciences 🎙️? 

I think the reason why is simply because I’m curious. And that is somehow linked to my father because he also has a curious mind and has always encouraged me to ask questions and try to understand why things are the way they are. So, this natural curiosity led me to science.  

2.How does your science background help you in your current role at IDEVAX 🎙️? 

My science background is essential to my current job, even though people would not think that right away. But as a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager, every single day you need to be analytic with data, and be able to solve complex problems efficiently, plus you need the be good in making unbiased interpretation of for example regulations and standards and understand how to apply that. So, my scientific background is really important to this role. 

3. A word of advice for girls and women into science 🎙️? 

Instead of giving advice, I will just share something I believe. So, I believe that we as women have the collective responsibility of supporting other women and building a world which is more equal for us. And one way of doing that, is simply going against the odds with your carrier like becoming a female scientist. So, the takeaway is that when you do that it’s not only for yourself but for all girls and women. 

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