Immunotherapy: the way forward to cure Prostate Cancer?

In recent years, immunotherapy has received recognition as a viable cancer treatment strategy, especially for prostate cancer. It uses the body’s immune system to attack tumor cells. Importantly, intradermal delivery is considered as a possible route of administration.

In its early stages, prostate cancer is highly treatable with surgery and radiotherapy. Interestingly, therapeutic and mRNA vaccines are under evaluation to cure prostate cancer. Indeed, prostate cancer was the first cancer for which an FDA approved therapeutic vaccine, Sipuleucel-T (Provenge®) became available in 2010. About thirteen clinical trials are now actively recruiting patients. 

mRNA vaccines to cure prostate cancer?

Numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated the viability of mRNA vaccines to combat cancer. Indeed, oncology mRNA vaccines may be more versatile, pragmatic, affordable, and effective. Advantages include their rapid and versatile development, convenient modular design, and entirely cell-free synthesis.

Intradermal delivery for immunotherapy?

Intradermal delivery is often the preferred route of administration for mRNA cancer vaccines. Indeed, delivery into the skin via intradermal injection elicits an improved immune response when compared to other routes of vaccination. This is associated to the large variety and presence of antigen-presenting cells in the skin.

VAX-ID allows for standardized, accurate, and reliable intradermal vaccination with a high ease of use. Hence, the drug delivery device can increase the efficacy of (prostate) cancer immunotherapy as well as patient comfort.

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