📢 WHO is recommending the use of mpox over Monkeypox

Recently, the WHO announced their use of the substitutive “mpox” for the current outbreak of monkeypox virus. The recommendation to use this synonym took place to counteract the stigmatizing and racist online language, which have been reported frequently to the WHO.

A transition period of one year will allow for using both synonyms interchangeably; however, following the transition period the “mpox” term will be replacing the monkeypox. The transition period is adopted to alleviate turbulence that might be caused from the disease name change while in the middle of a worldwide outbreak, as proposed by experts.

Idevax supports WHO’s recommendation to change Monkeypox to mpox. Accordingly, we revised our white paper on “Intradermal vaccination as a promising solution in the mpox outbreak” using WHO’s recommended synonym.

You can read the revised version on mpox outbreak here 👉 White_Paper_Idevax_Monkeypox_20221212.cdr

* World Health Organization. (n.d.). WHO recommends new name for Monkeypox disease. World Health Organization. Retrieved December 9, 2022, from https://www.who.int/news/item/28-11-2022-who-recommends-new-name-for-monkeypox-disease


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