Did you know? Men can get Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) & HPV related cancers too

IDEVAX is continuing its Men’s Health Awareness Month Campaign 📅 

 Did you know 🤔: 

Men can get HPV & cancers related to HPV as well! 

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is not limited to females only: while HPV is well-known to be the key cause of cervical cancer in women, it causes various cancers in men as well. Indeed, HPV is responsible for a substantial fraction of other anogenital- and oropharyngeal cancers resulting in 570.000 HPV related cancer cases per year in women and 60.000 cases per year in men. 


New White Paper Alert 🚨! A new white paper, covering recent data regarding the HPV virus, HPV-related cancer, epidemiology as well as insights on prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination for men and women is now available in the data room of our website.  

👉Link to the white paper 

IDEVAX’s VAX-ID® which is suited for standardized, accurate and reliable intradermal drug delivery, could offer a safe and user-friendly approach for prevention and treatment of HPV related cancers.  

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