Vanessa Vankerckhoven

Founder & CEO

Vanessa Vankerckhoven is Founder and CEO of Idevax. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She’s a passionate entrepreneur and also holds a position as Guest Professor at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp. She has a profound interest in vaccinology, medical microbiology, infectious diseases, oncology and medical devices.

Prior to founding Idevax, she founded Novosanis in 2013 as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Novosanis is medical device company active in urine sample collection and preservation. She successfully led the company through the acquisition by Orasure Technologies Inc in Jan 2019 and remained CEO until October 2022.

She started her career as Research & Innovation Manager at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Institute (VAXINFECTIO) at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Vanessa Vankerckhoven