Skin: An attractive site for drug delivery and vaccination? 

In 2023, we published a paper in the journal Vaccine titled: Preclinical evaluation of performance, safety and usability of VAX-ID®, a novel intradermal injection device.

The paper focuses on how vaccination in the skin is becoming an increasingly attractive route of administration. It provides an overview of preclinical data generated with VAX-ID, our intradermal drug delivery device by assessing its performance, safety and usability. 

Here are our three key takeaway messages: 

1. Skin vaccination is particularly attractive as it offers dose-sparing potential  

The skin is rich in immune cells, making it an attractive route of administration as only 10 to 20% of a vaccine dose is needed compared to vaccination in the muscle. The current standard of care, the Mantoux technique, is however challenging to perform by healthcare providers and is perceived as painful by vaccinees. 

2. VAX-ID scored high on technical performance by offering a low dead volume and a high dose accuracy  

VAX-ID’s design supports penetration perpendicular to the skin. Its integrated smart friction system allows for standardized and reliable injection as well as scope for mass production. The design also allows for very short and very tiny needles to be used. Ejection tests on 180 devices resulted in a dose accuracy of 6µL, with a dead-space volume of 23µL, well below the set volume of 35µL as defined by EMA.     

3. VAX-ID performed successful injections at a predefined depth into the dermis layer 

Our findings, through visual inspection and histological evaluation, showed that VAX-ID had a consistent and accurate delivery in the dermal layer of the skin in piglets with minimal variation and a strong safety profile.   Piglets were a great model to mimic human skin. 


Skin vaccination has been gaining increased interest. VAX-ID can overcome the many challenges seen with other techniques. It offers a reliable solution for vaccination campaigns, as well as pandemic preparedness programs. The device also allows for the possibility of injection of various prophylactic as well as therapeutic vaccines. 

Want to know more? Our Founder and CTO of IDEVAX, Koen Beyers, and Momen Rbeihat, our former Scientific & Clinical Affairs Manager, shared their insights into this publication. Watch their interview for further insights.  


Read the full paper here – Preclinical evaluation of performance, safety and usability of VAX-ID®, a novel intradermal injection device – ScienceDirect 

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