Let’s join forces to combat the Monkeypox outbreak 2022

The Monkeypox virus is clearly spreading, and number of cases are escalating. Monkeypox was declared a global health emergency by WHO in May 2022. Several US states have announced a state of emergency [1]. Subsequently, on Thursday August 4, Biden declared monkeypox a Health Emergency. Federal Agencies are given power to quickly direct funding to manage the outbreak [2].  

In Europe, Spain reported first cases linked to a visit to a sauna and subsequently following the Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria May 2022. Belgium reported its first cases following a large-scale fetish festival, Darklands in Antwerp, Belgium, May 2022.  

As we have learned from the current ongoing pandemic of SARS Covid-19, vaccination is a key element in combatting outbreaks and the spreading of a virus.  

Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) declared an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for intradermal injection of the Imvanex (Jynneos, Imvamune) vaccine (Bavarian Nordic S/A) using 1/5th of the dose (0.1 mL) of the standard intramuscular (IM) dose [3,4].

Read more on Monkeypox and intradermal vaccination in our white paper.


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